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Question Bank Of Biochemistry [Pdf]


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This Book is Best For Those Who Are Prepairing for AIEEA BioTechnology.

It Contains questions with brief answers which enables students to understand core concepts

TitleQuestion Bank of
AuthorR.A. Joshi
PublisherNew Age International, 2006
ISBN8122417361, 9788122417364
Length214 pages

Is The Branch Of Science Which Deals With The Bimolecular I.E. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Nucleic Acids Etc.

The Subject Is Highly Advanced And Involves Tremendous Biochemical Principles And Techniques, Which Are Revised Every Day. The Question Bank Has Been Written To Make Biochemistry Easy For Students.

The Answers Are Brief, To The Point And Informative. The Book Starts With Biophysics And Instrumentation, Which Covers Principles, Working, Uses Of The Instruments Frequently Encountered In The Biochemistry Laboratory.

Various Questions Are Provided For Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, Enzymes Etc. Special Efforts Have Been Put To Write Questions On Hormones, Diet And Nutrition And Organ Function Tests.

This Book Will Be Useful For Students Of Various Disciplines Including Medical, Dental, Homoeopathy Graduation Courses Of Different Indian Universities Also.

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