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Scheduled Vet Visit for Vaccination


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Scheduled vet visit for

Hello everyone welcome to Petyaari, if you are reading this article this means you have a great dog with you, If you don’t have a pet and planning to adopt a pet please look at Guidelines for choosing a pet

Scheduled Vet Visit for Vaccination
Scheduled Vet Visit for

Are you taking your dog to a vet according to its scheduled vaccination? Is scheduled so important to your pet?
What happens if you don’t follow vaccinations for your pets?
What happens if a scheduled is delayed?

In this article we are going to share the importance of to your pet and also we are going to compare the disease occurrence percentage in vaccinated and unvaccinated animals so without delay let’s get started. Before we get started about the we should know that vaccination is given only to the healthy animals which have a less worm burden so deworming should be done prior to if you haven’t known about the deworming please check Deworming Schedule

What does mean and how does it protect from infection

what does mean

Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine) to stimulate an individual’s immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a pathogen. This means a weakened antigen or pathogen is injected into the dog’s body so that there is the production of antibodies against the specific antigen and these antibodies and stored in their bloodstream for a specific time and it protects the animalsfrom getting infected.

How long does the vaccine protect the animal from infection?

Most of the vaccines normally protect the animal around 1 year and then a regular annual dose is required. Generally, a booster dose is given within a month during its primary vaccination.

Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated

Let’s check on the following data comparison between a vaccinated and unvaccinated animal occurrence of diseases

scheduled vet visit for vaccination graph • Scheduled Vet Visit for Vaccination

Get your Vaccination shot today and keep the viruses away.

I think it’s clear that the question “Is scheduled vaccination so crucial to your pet?” But what about “Scheduled vaccination so crucial to your pet?”

Is scheduled vaccination so crucial to your pet?

yes, scheduled vaccination is as much as important as primary vaccination, many pet parents take the pets to the clinic for primary vaccination and they forget about the regular vaccination,

The memory of antibody reserves produced by primary doses of vaccine tends to decline over a period of time and needs to be boosted again.

Does the question now arise what if a scheduled vaccination is delayed?

As the time progresses the titer of antibodies reduce in blood, so again primary dose and a booster dose is administered within a month of the gap and regular dose given annually

In this article we are concentrated on dog vaccination the other vaccination schedule is being posted in other articles, if you are looking for other vaccination schedules please search your requirement in the search bar if not u need for other animals please do comment, we will update as per your request.

Vaccination Schedule Of Dog

Diseases Primary dose Boosterdose Anual
Rabies 12 to 16 weeks 3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination annually
6 to 7
3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination Annually
Parvovirus 6 to 7
3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination Annually
Leptospirosis 6 to 7
3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination Annually
Infectious canine hepatitis 6 to 7
3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination Annually

Combined Vaccination Schedule:-

In this new era of technology and high development of Biotechnology, there are combinations of antigens of different viruses into a single Vaccination. So, most of the veterinarians use this vaccine & the schedule of combined vaccination is as follows

1) Rabies12-16 weeks3-4 wks after
primary vaccination
2) Combined Vaccine
(Canine Distemper,
Parvo Virus,
Infectious Canine
6 weeks 3-4 wks after
primary vaccination

Be careful about vaccination do’s and don’ts


I guess the majority of you people go for a scheduled visit with your pet, isn’t it?
If you would like to share the veterinary clinic you visit with trust for your regular dose of vaccination u could suggest to others about the clinic, please comment below and make other healthier.

Thank you!

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