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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse [PDF]


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Clinical of the Horse

Authors: Hilary Clayton Peter Flood Diana Rosenstein eBook ISBN: 9780702058851 eBook ISBN: 9780723435891 Imprint: Mosby Ltd. Published Date: 6th December 2005 Page Count: 128

This new volume is the first photographic atlas of equine to integrate illustrations of prepared specimens with correlative images of the same structures as visualised by each of the commonly used imaging modalities; radiography, and endoscopy.

Additional images illustrate the position and orientation of these structures in the living animal, as they would most commonly be encountered, either in the course of a physical examination (for example the viscera or reproductive organs in a rectal or vaginal examination), or as they present in the prone animal, during a surgical procedure.

Thus the atlas has a true utility for the practitioner as well as the student.
The only atlas of that combines illustrations of gross anatomy with radiographic images, and endoscopic views to give a complete appreciation of all the structures
Preparations of cross-sectional anatomy aid interpretation of diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography

All photographs are of fresh material, or living animals, rather than preserved specimens, to demonstrate the appearance of tissues in the living animal, or at post mortem autopsy
Includes annotated images to illustrate the position and orientation of structures in situ, in the living animal, as they will be encountered in carrying out a physical examination or surgical procedure

Colour photographs, with correlative radiographs are selected according to clinical importance.

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