Monday, June 21, 2021

Android 3D Horse Software Download


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Meet the Equine 3D software, a virtual Horse that is designed especially for students, teachers, veterinary clinics and petshops. It allows viewing internal systems , one by one, or in any combination, at different angles and degrees of approximation. A great start to study or teach equine .

Software is avaliable in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Latin.

– Nervous system
– Digestive system
– Urinary system
– Lymphatic system
– Respiratory system
– Circulatory system
– Skeleton and ligaments
– Muscles
– Male/Famale reproductive system

The Software is intended to be a supplemental educational resource and should NOT be used as the only source of educational information, nor should the Software be used as medical/veterinary advice or for medical/veterinary diagnoses.

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    • Thankyou for reporting,
      Direct Download Link has been updated,

      To download via Telegram you need to have Telegram installed on your phone, those telegram links are working fine.


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